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Research & Education

Research and education
In her parliament-ratified statute, the Organisation has been regarded as a research and education institution as well. Research and education has, in fact, been announced as one of the main functions of the Organisation. The main aim behind this function of the National Library is to improve library management and information dissemination in Iran. The Library has 60 permanent academic faculty posts in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology.
The main research and educational activities of the National Library are as follows:

Defining standards different types of libraries, information centres and their functions;
Producing necessary resources for easier library and information management such as thematic Farsi titles, documented who is who’s, glossaries, the Iran mark, and the extension of ramification categories on Iran, Islam and the like;
Enriching library and information science in Iran by, amongst others, publishing basic scientific material on the subjects;
Publishing the Book Quarterly, editing the Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science, other books in the field to boost interaction among Iranian specialists and further enliven the sector;
Leading applied and fundamental research, which kick-start after being ratified by the Library’s Research Council. The Library also supports research carried out by other institutions in the field of library management, information dissemination, Iranian and Islamic studies.

Training courses and workshops‌
Throughout the year, short- and long-term training courses are held for the cadre of the Library to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.
Lectures and seminars
The National Library organises regular scientific lectures and seminars independently or in collaboration with other scientific institutions. The outcomes of these events are published as books are on the internet.
Supporting scientific and research societies
The National Library has always expressed her willingness to avail other research and scientific groups and institutions of her due facilities to help them in their efforts.

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